Token distribution

Phase 2

Expected date of starting: winter - spring 2018

Phase 2 will provide activating robot economics infrastructure on Ethereum basis. At the close of distribution phase 2 robonomics token will enable building human-machine chains of supplying through smart contracts and paying for services of verifying robot liabilities fulfillment by a third-party (miners/Ethereum validators).

More detailed information about token distribution phase 2 will be published in December 2017.

Phase 1

Finished successfully on May 28, 2017

Info for token holders of the phase 1

Token distribution phase 2 will replace AIR token to Robonomics Utility token (XRT). AIR tokens can be converted to XRT after launching distillatory vessel.

Token appearance at cryptocurrency exchanges

The first robot economics service for verifying robot operation log by Ethereum net is planning to be launched in spring 2018. Token appearance at cryptocurrency exchanges is a part of this task.

Ethereum smart contract details

AIR token address:
0x24cabbab2132f9fe05a89a070570e9e4f0b89e53 AIR token address
AIR contract ABI:
[{"inputs":[{"type":"address","name":""}],"constant":true,"name":"bids","payable":false,"outputs":[{"type":"uint256","name":""}],"type":"function"},{"inputs":[{"type":"address","name":"receiver"}],"constant":false,"name":"bid","payable":true,"outputs":[{"type":"uint256","name":"amount"}],"type":"function"},{"inputs":[{"type":"address","name":"receiver"}],"constant":false,"name":"claimTokens","payable":false,"outputs":[],"type":"function"},{"inputs":[{"indexed":true,"type":"address","name":"sender"},{"indexed":false,"type":"uint256","name":"amount"}],"type":"event","name":"BidSubmission","anonymous":false}] Copy AIR contract ABI
Token Total Supply:
999985 AIR