Robonomics protocol

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring human-to-machine interactions to high-level communication based on market liabilities.

In human-machine systems robonomics protocol allows combining economical and technical parts of communication into one transaction. Thus, we get the protocol, which accomplishes the function, more than just information exchange. We get the protocol establishing an agreement about cooperative business processes between humans and machines.

With the help of robonomics protocol it’s possible to control planetary supply chains using economic theory methods.

Robonomics protocol for society

Robonomics protocol levels up transparency and traceability of goods and services produced by machines. Meanwhile, implementation control of machines’ liabilities detaches from for-profit IT companies, which are partners of producers.

With the help of robonomics protocol Ethereum network validators can check fulfillment of machines’ liabilities. This is economic arbitrage based on economic game.

Robonomics protocol for business

There is no need to search for a reliable mediator, whom every participant of chain can trust, to provide security, information exchange and data storage.

Information appears in supply chain based on robonomics protocol and creates additional value for a consumer owing to increasing of production transparency.

Robonomics protocol for science

We work on the ground zero of economic cybernetics, which describes an opportunity to control complex human-machine systems with the help of economic theory. Our work is based on ideas of Norbert Wiener, Ronald Coase and Victor Glushkov. We are filling up the ideas of this talented people with our experiments in building direct interactions between humans and machines. This way, using theory and experiments we develop a standard of high-level human-machine communication.

AIRA distribution

Our R&D related to robonomics protocol is implemented in releases of AIRA (Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent) distribution. They are available on GitHub:


Why are you talking about economic communication? Indeed it’s possible to use smart contracts and blockchain technology for building any forms and types of human-machine communication.

We see that humans need a high-level communication protocol to interact with machines. It’s difficult to teach a machine to understand ordinary humans’ communications. But it’s quite a different story to teach a machine to realize usual for humans economic processes such as: market transaction, contract liability and property passage. It should be enough to organize high-level human-to-machine communication.