Robonomics for Carbon Markets

Blockchain for smart city with AIRA

Carbon credits issuance may be performed by the Ethereum Network on the basis of ‘smart cities’ data.

The goal:
Demonstration of human-to-machine system for Smart cities’ GHG emission reductions.
Works under performance:
Development of “Carbon credits issuance” module for ‘Robonomics’ communication stack;
Current status:
Preparation of the experiment
R&D project start:
Spring 2017
R&D project to be completed
Summer 2018
Contact email:
R&D project leaders:
Sergey Lonshakov, Anton Galenovich
As of now we have a set of smart contracts that enable Ethereum Blockchain application for carbon markets, for societal costs mitigation instruments, environmental assets and liabilities. Standard procedure for issuance of new carbon units is performed by executing transaction from the Ethereum Network EOA address of a third party, hereinafter the Auditor, who represents an Independent Entity accredited by the Operator of the Climate program. The Auditor attaches the hash of the verification report uploaded to IPFS to the transaction.

Thus, we get carbon units with origin trackable up to the moment of issuance. As a next step we would want to discard of the necessity for persons with the highest reputation to support carbon markets.

We propose as an alternative to carbon reductions’ verification procedure performed by the Auditor to consider algorithmic analysis by the Ethereum Network of the data collected by smart IoT devices owned by the citizens to provide for issuance of carbon credits in the smart cities.