Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent

Helps engineers design smart cities and lights-out factories. Use your robot as a service for managing Industry 4.0 with us.

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Using existing technologies, AIRA project team has built a bridge between robotics and economy. AIRA is an image of an autonomous economic agent-robot, capable of independently contracting for service delivery and its maintenance. Machine-to-machine payments, Robot-as-a-service, Smart factory, autonomous sensor networks, fully automated supply chain are concepts that AIRA will be useful for.

AIRA for robotics engineers

Increase the level of autonomy of your cyber-physical system giving it the features of an economic agent. Create markets for robotic services, connect robots as services and build automated chains of providing citizens with services.

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AIRA support center

Contact Airalab engineers via the support form if:

  1. You want to order the development of a cyber-physical system project from Airalab engineers.
  2. You want to learn more to incorporate AIRA technologies into your project.
  3. You faced with failure or inaccessibility of Airalab infrastructure in Robonomics network (contract liability can't be created, the provider does not finalize the result, etc.).

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