Factory of experiments

Have a look at the protocol of robot economics in use! This section contains interesting experiments carried out in a lab environment in collaboration with partner-projects.

4. Flying taxi in smart city

R&D project started at Winter 2017
Blockchain for smart city with AIRA

Our experience suggests that the problem of organization an affordable for client transportation by air service will require deep integration of flying taxi service into smart city infrastructure. With the help of our experiment we’d like to demonstrate how it’s possible to do via organization of machine-to-machine economic interaction.

3. Robonomics for Carbon Markets

R&D project started at Spring 2017
Blockchain for smart city with AIRA

We propose as an alternative to carbon reductions’ verification procedure performed by the Auditor to consider algorithmic analysis by the Ethereum Network of the data collected by smart IoT devices owned by the citizens to provide for issuance of carbon credits in the smart cities.

2. Industry 4.0 in use

coming soon
Smart factory simulation

We’ve prepared a show-case of Industry 4.0 and we present how an intercorporate smart industrial area of factories and warehousing & logistics services can conduct activities while a human controls manufacturing only by means of capital. Throughout the month the show-case will result in a game called «Robonomics». Subscribe for notifications to get the acсess to the game.

1. Game of trains

Blockchain game

This experiment shows how a robot can respond to capital flow between markets.